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Descaling Systems

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We provide complete descaling systems that are of great benefit to our customers. Bright surfaces are an indicator of high quality.

Descaled surfaces ensure:

  • Scrap minimization
  • Increased output
  • Visibility of the entire surface in visual and automated surface inspection

Higher efficiency in subsequent processing due to:

  • Less rework
  • Less consequential damage
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Reduced material loss

Descaled surfaces increase the service life of valuable plant components such as rollers, forging dies, and tools for mechanical processing.

Advantages of SGGT descalers:

Optimal descaling effects through perfect coordination of:

  • Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Angle of incidence
  • Distance from material

Fast and jerk-free switching due to individually controlled valve nozzles

Optimal selection of units:

  • Piston or centrifugal pumps

Water and energy conservation through:

  • Flat-jet nozzles
  • Variable spray widths
  • Actuator controls based on frequency converters

Installation-friendly design

  • Cartridge  type


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