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Microline Descaling at Happy Forgings Ltd.

At the Indian Happy Forgings Ltd. In Ludhiana/Punjab, we recently comissioned successfully a new MD 7500 Microline Descaling System. It descales round and square billets with cross-sections of up to 220 mm, lengths of up to 2,000 m and weights of up to 350 kg. The new system is the second installation Happy Forgings Ltd. decided to go for.

The axles and crankshaftsare descaled inline and in teh determined production cycle. We  equipped the System like all MD Systems with a pressure intensifier as storage in combination with the fast-acting DÜV nozzle valves, for which we hold the patent. The system requires less than 7.5 liters of water per process with an application pressure of up to 320 bar. Since the nozzles open exactly depending on the length of the billets, the system has an exceptionally high level of energy efficiency.

We delivered the entire system, including the conveyors and control technology, as a turnkey solution. It covers the entire process starting with the take over of the billets from IBH by means of a lifter to handing them over to the descaling pusher conveyor. Same guids  the billets fast but safely controled through the process. By integrating the feed and discharge in a uniform and integrated system, we have not only optimized the descaling process itself, but also minimized the transfer times. The result is clean surfaces with minimal temperature loss on high productivity.