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High Pressure
Our experts have comprehensive know-how on the subject of high-pressure water hydraulics with pressures of up to 2,000 bar - for example in descaling in the hot forming industry and in pressurised water systems.

High Precision
With the experience gained from hundreds of water hydraulic systems installed all over the world in challenging areas of application, we develop economical overall solutions that are precisely matched to the individual conditions of our customers on site.

Innovative valve technology

At the heart of every plant are our valves, which we supply in a wide range ... whether for hot strip and plate rolling mills or the descaling of forged parts. They control the process so precisely that we achieve optimum results with minimum water consumption at the same time.

Optimal use of resources

Since we only use electrical power to the extent that it is really needed, we minimise both the connected loads and the energy requirements of the entire systems. With the architecture of our systems, we represent a descaling capacity of, for example, 500 kW in forges and rolling mills with a connected load of only 90 kW.

In this way, we improve the CO² balance of our customers: When descaling in forges, for example, the short transfer times of the automatic systems significantly reduce temperature losses. For our customers, this means that they can work with lower temperature additions. And because the workpieces enter the forming units at a higher temperature, lower forming forces are required.


Integrated Automation

To achieve optimally coordinated processes, we integrate our systems into the user's production environment. The spectrum ranges from integration into the existing on-site process control to automation of the entire conveyor system from the transfer of the parts from heating to the transfer to the downstream process stages.