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We use our many years of experience with descaling and pressurised water plants not only to offer our customers excellent service. We also advise them on the design, the options, construction and modernisation of plants.


Many of our technicians and engineers in customer service have been with us for years and know both the plant technology and the conditions in our customers' factories in detail.

They provide fast, efficient service for:

  •    Installation, commissioning and on-site production support
  •    Repairs and maintenance
  •    Supply of spare parts, including those from the Berns Hydraulik, Rösrath, and Werner & Pfleiderer, Stuttgart, product ranges.



With the experience of more than 30 years, we design, construct and produce water hydraulic systems, hydraulic descaling systems and special machines. The focus in every project is the individual adaptation of the solution to the requirements on site.

In addition, we advise our customers on the realisation of their projects and the optimisation and retrofitting of existing plants.

An important area is modernisation: new materials and heating processes mean that scale adheres much more tenaciously to steel today than it did a few years ago. Many existing descaling plants or scale washers are no longer up to the task and no longer deliver adequate descaling results.

Here we offer custom-fit solutions that avoid extensive investments and at the same time contain reserves for the future: It is often sufficient to adapt some parameters or individual plant components to the changed boundary conditions.

Descaling trials

For complex tasks, we carry out descaling tests on site together with the users. In doing so, we determine the optimal plant parameters and develop the basis for safeguarding investment decisions.

Job Order Production

In addition to manufacturing our own key components, we also produce mechanical components for mechanical engineering companies. In doing so, our clients take advantage of our extensive machinery for mechanical precision machining and our expertise in the production of small to medium-sized series.