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High Pressure Systems


SGGT pressurized water systems provide clear water or emulsion at high pressures in open and closed circuits. We supply systems for direct pump operation or as pressure accumulator systems.

In addition to water, the range of media also includes water-like or non-flammable liquids, so that the systems can also be operated in water protection areas.
We supply a wide range of aggregates and components for generating and storing high pressures. For each project, we select the technology that is best suited for the respective application - be it pressure intensifiers or accumulators, piston or centrifugal pumps.

The piston pumps generate pressures of up to 2,000 bar and deliver up to 1,200 l/min. We supply centrifugal pumps for pressures of up to 300 bar with flow rates of up to 650 m³/h.

We also use the appropriate technology for pressure storage, for example accumulators or piston accumulators. One criterion is whether pressure should only be smoothed or accumulated for specific application.