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Valve technology


We supply the valves in standardized sizes between 6 and 250 mm nominal diameter and for pressures of up to 400 bar. Beyond this feagures, we manufacture special versions, for example for higher pressure or adaptation to existing installation spaces and connection geometries.

Depending on the application, we arrange the valves in a block or individual valve design. The modular cartridge design offers a high level of flexibility. We use hard or soft seat technology. The sealing technology is based on proven compound materials. We manufacture the valves - according to the water-based medium used - from particularly corrosion-resistant or even acid-resistant alloys and duplex steels.

The patented nozzle valves developed by us specifically for high-pressure applications in water hydraulics are characterized by particularly short switching times, high availability and ease of maintenance. They open and close within a few milliseconds, even under high pressure, and direct the pressure so that it has the greatest effect at the right place.
Basically, we design all systems according to the actual European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU and related standards. If necessary, we also apply alternative regulations such as ASME or other standards and regulations that are common worldwide. The acceptances usually take place according to the Pressure Equipment Directive or customer-specific criteria.